Here’s our story

Chica's Empanadas is a food studio that promotes creativity without compromising quality, and lives by the philosophy that nothing brings people together like good food.

Our Story: We started making Empanadas in 2010 for family and friend events. Everybody loved our innovative recipes, we learned from the best, perfecting the savory flavors from each providence. In 2011, after getting many requests, Chica's Empanadas was established.

Unfortunately, after two great years, Chica's closed due to the desire to start a family. This decision came right after we were selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine to be featured in their 2013 Winter Holiday Edition. We closed two months later, and in 2014, our sweet Nilah-Rae was born.

Now fast forward, almost a decade later, and by popular demand, Chica's is back, and very excited to share our savory and sweet pastries again.

First, we eat.

Then we do all the things.

Chica's Empanandas
888.3CHICAS OR 888.324.4227

"Creativity Without Compromising Quality"